Visualizations and analysts

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C. G. Healey, L. Hao, S. E. Hutchinson
R. Erbacher A. Kott C. Wang, Cyber Defense and Situation Awareness, Springer Publishing, 2014, pp. 145-165

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Healey, C. G., Hao, L., & Hutchinson, S. E. (2014). Visualizations and analysts. In R. E. A. Kott C. Wang (Ed.) (pp. 145–165). Springer Publishing.

Healey, C. G., L. Hao, and S. E. Hutchinson. “Visualizations and Analysts.” In , edited by R. Erbacher A. Kott C. Wang, 145–165. Springer Publishing, 2014.

Healey, C. G., et al. Visualizations and Analysts. Edited by R. Erbacher A. Kott C. Wang, Springer Publishing, 2014, pp. 145–65.


The challenges of cyber situation awareness call for ways to provide assistance to analysts and decision-makers. In many fields, analyses of complex systems and activities benefit from visualization of data and analytical products. Analysts use images in order to engage their visual perception in identifying features in the data, and to apply the analysts' domain knowledge. One would expect the same to be true in the practice of cyber analysts as they try to form situational awareness of complex networks. This chapter takes a close look at visualization for Cyber Situation Awareness. We begin with a basic overview of scientific and information visualization, and of recent visualization systems for cyber situation awareness. Then, we outline a set of requirements, derived largely from discussions with expert cyber analysts, for a candidate visualization system.