Perceptual techniques for scientific visualization


C. G. Healey
C. G. Healey, V. Interrante, P. Rheingans, Fundamental issues of visual perception for effective image generation, Course 6, SIGGRAPH 99, 1999, pp. 1-42

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Healey, C. G. (1999). Perceptual techniques for scientific visualization. In C. G. Healey, V. Interrante, & P. Rheingans (Eds.) (Vol. Course 6, pp. 1–42). SIGGRAPH 99.

Healey, C. G. “Perceptual Techniques for Scientific Visualization.” In , edited by C. G. Healey, V. Interrante, and P. Rheingans, Course 6:1–42. SIGGRAPH 99, 1999.

Healey, C. G. Perceptual Techniques for Scientific Visualization. Edited by C. G. Healey et al., vol. Course 6, SIGGRAPH 99, 1999, pp. 1–42.


This talk describes our investigation of methods for choosing color, texture, orientation, shape, and other features to visualize certain types of large, multidimensional datasets. These datasets are becoming more and more common; examples include scientific simulation results, geographic information systems, satellite images, and biomedical scans. The overwhelming amount of information contained in these datasets makes them difficult to analyze using traditional mathematical or statistical techniques. It also makes them difficult to visualize in an efficient or useful manner.